Solid Gel Memory Foam Pillows


Sensitive memory foam moulds around the shape of your head and neck giving proper support. Our advanced memory foam with gel beads absorbs pressure and thereby keeping your spine aligned during the night. The added gel technology provides a cooler memory foam experience and comfortable sleep throughout the night.

Contour Shape: Engineered to support head, neck & shoulder for spine alignment.

Classic Shape: Classic Shape pillow cradles to the shape of the head and neck for superior support, allowing full muscle relaxation.

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Standard pillow
Length 67cm
Width 44cm
Height 12cm
King pillow
Length 90cm
Width 44cm
Height 12cm


Pillow comes with removable Bamboo cover

Available in Contour and Classic Shape

Pillow comes with 5 year Guarantee (T & C’s Apply: guarantee does not include the fabric, zips or sticking defects)



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